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Merge PDF is our online webapp where users can combine multiple PDF files together in any desired order. It makes for one less shareware on your desktop, plus, our web application is as simple as can be. The service is free of charge and is accessible right away, anytime, anywhere.

Check it out here: MergePDF

Split PDF our simple webapp where you upload your PDF file and pick any range of pages to extract from the document. This can be useful, for example, if you want to share a part of a report with your colleagues, yet not everything, or if you want to send someone a sample of a book, yet not exposing the whole book.

Check it out here: SplitPDF

Unlock PDF is another powerful yet simple webapp which enables you to remove password protection from PDF files. This can be handy if you have forgotten the password on your PDF file and need to get rid of the password protection. Note that there are two kinds of passwords on PDF documents, (1) owner password which is required to make changes to the document and (2) user password which is required to open a document (if it has this). We can remove the former kind of password without even the user entering the password. As for the second type, the correct password will need to be entered to remove the password. The good news is that if you have some ideas of what the password might be, you can try until you get it right.

Check it out here: UnlockPDF

FoxyUtils Protect PDF is the counterpart of our Unlock PDF webapp. It allows users to add password protection to a PDF file. You can add either an owner password, requiring a password to make changes to your file (by most PDF editors/readers), or a more stringent user password (often called opening password) which requires a PDF to even view your file's content. This can be useful for paid exclusive PDF content that is only supposed to be viewed by the purchaser. Also useful if you share a computer with people you do not want to look at your PDF content.

Check it out here: ProtectPDF


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    We specialize in creating and maintaining web apps for PDF. Our current products are services to merge, split, lock and unlock PDF documents, see our Apps page for details.


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