Chrome webapps launched

We have launched new Chrome Webapps for all of our 4 services, that can be accessed free of charge at the links below:

FoxyUtils MergePDF Chrome App

FoxyUtils SplitPDF Chrome App

FoxyUtils ProtectPDF Chrome App

FoxyUtils UnlockPDF

The Google Chrome apps are basically quick access links that appear under Apps whenever a new tab is created. This makes it faster to access our apps than ever before. We hope that our Chrome users will find this functionality useful.

We would like to thank Robert Lee who encouraged us to publish our webapps as Chrome Applications and sent us a prototype implementation that we have extended to all our apps and made publicly available.

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William O'Heffey said..
Amazing idea, I really like Chrome Apps, thanks for doing this.
Simply Greek said..
Great idea to introduce some more Chrome apps, we use mostly Mozilla on our office PC, but Chrome finds more and more use this days.
Luca Petrongari said..
Good morning, I'm a Pro user of FoxyUtils package but I've problems to unlock PDF sized more than 20MB. Does anyone explain why? I need to unlock some documents that are big 190MB at maximum and isn't necessary a password to access them. When I try for example with a 55MB pdf the file after charged here stay for a long long time without unlocked. Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks.

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