New webapps launched: Unlock PDF and Protect PDF

We have now launched our new webapps, UnlockPDF and ProtectPDF. As announced in our blog entry in September, we have been working hard to get the new services ready for launch.

The new services enable users to lock (add password protection) and unlock (remove password protection) from PDF files, and are a great addition to our already established suite of online PDF webapps.

Every day thousands of users merge and split PDF files, and we hope that many of our existing users will find the new additions useful.

As always, we encourage comments and bug reports, so feel free to leave us any feedback or bug reports in the comments or via e-mail.

Enjoy the new webapps!

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Boyd Fowler said..
Fantastic efforts guys! Services are working great!
Darun Smith said..
Good post. You can also try a great recovery tool - PDF Remover. It removes all the types of PDF password
Ferdinant said..
Maybe you could also make a online PDF pagenumbering tool? That way i could merge AND number my pdfs online! that would be great. greetings from the Netherlands.
FoxyUtils Support said..
Ferdinant - Thank you for the suggestion! We will take it into account and we may decide to implement it in the near future. We will definitely let you know if we do. Regards, Gus.
Henk A.O.Teubler said..
Today I discovered your site and merged 248 PDF-pages to 3 PDF-files succesfully. Thank you! As an amateur genaealogist I meet many documents in that field in the DjVu format. The possibilities in converting this file type online or by means of downloadable software are rare and besides of poor/very poor quality. So perhaps you will be able to forfill my and other geneaogists wish in offering a online DjVu to PDF converter which will work properly? Bye for now from the Netherlands!
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hello Henk. We are glad that our service is working out well for you. Your idea of DjVu conversion is interesting and we will certainly look into that. Currently I do not know much about the DjVu format and will need to look more into that to see if this is possible. If we decide to go ahead and implement something along these lines, we will be sure to notify you. Thanks again for the suggestion and compliments! Regards, Gus
ajay gowd podicheti said..
Awesome work guys.....pdf password remover is fantastic
FoxyUtils support said..
@Ajay Thanks for the compliment, great to have feedback on the new services!
Dawnmarie said..
HI, I am not able to merge docs today. When I get to your site, the browse button is missing that is usually shown next to the merge button. I can't select the files to merge :( Please let me know when your site will be back up. Thanks
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hello Dawn Marie. Sorry to hear about your problem. Our server is fully up and services running, so I am not sure what the problem is. Have you tried refreshing the website a few times? That might help, as it might be a problem with loading the Flash uploading utility. Regards, Gus
FoxyUtils Support said..
@Dawn, after further thought, is it possible that you were using a different machine? When Flash is not installed, no "Browse" button will appear. Try visiting and it will inform you what flash version you have (or if you do not have it). Note that different browsers (such as Internet Explorer) require separate installations of Flash, so do this in the same browser that you use to visit MergePDF. I hope this will help. Regards, Gus
Darun Smith said..
Hello! I would like to buy a link at your blog page. Please contact me!
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hello Darun. Thanks for your interest. Our policy is not to sell links on our site, but you can advertise on our site through Google Adsense. Regards, Gus
Angela said..
Thanks for your service everyone. The merger saved me a lot of time and effort and it worked great. Dropped 10 in the donation bucket. :)
FoxyUtils Support said..
@Angela Thanks a lot, that helps a lot and inspires us to keep improving the service :)
David Beifeld said..
Your online Unlock PDF utility works beautifully. Thank you for your free service.
how to protect a pdf file said..
The great site............
Brian said..
Love your merge PDF site!!
Paul Diggins said..
Have you given thought to supplementing your online services with one more utility - REDUCE. The ability to reduce a PDF in size coupled with your other excellent on-line PDF utilities would make you a one-stop shop for PDF activities. Thank you for an excellent service. I shall be sending you a donation. Regards Paul
T Faile said..
Does this work on a Mac?
Stop sharing said..
So nice........
FoxyUtils Support said..
@Paul Thanks for the suggestion and the compliments, we aim to be a one stop shop for PDF's. @T Faile Yes it does. Cheers, FoxyUtils support
Add PDF Watermark said..
Hi Dude, I saw your post and visit your site.I just wanted to say you this blog is very informative for me. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Gitiim said..
Hi, We use the merge pdf feature for filing resumes. Today, I found that the usual "browse" window keeps disappearing from the page, so I am unable to choose and upload my pdf documents for merging. We've been using it for at least 2 years and then suddenly today it's acting up. Has it been disabled or discontinued for some reason? Please help! Thanks.
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Gitiim. Sorry to hear about the issue. The functionality should be the same as ever. However there was a maintenance period of approximately 30 minutes today by our hosting company that might have coincided with your work. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if it does not get back to normal for you. We have checked and verified that the service works on our end. Best, Gus
Johnno said..
Reading through a number of posts, I see that the possibility is they are using adblocking software. While this is OK for pesky websites that bombard you with crap, it can also interfere with genuine sites like yours and cause havoc. Hope this information is useful to some of the posters.
Newbie User said..
What's the point of protecting your PDFs when you can easily unlock them?
Alfred Hall said..
If you set an opening password on the PDF you cannot unlock them without knowing the password.
Mike Hussy said..
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Rupesh k said..
i want to split PDF file but cant see browser where i cant upload PDF file with 3 pages in one attachemnt

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