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We have now gone live with our new Pro Plans ! We are offering an introductory offer, where the first month for the Pro Plan is free. To give it a try, you can apply the coupon code "ONE-MONTH-FREE" (without the quotation marks) when you set up the subscription ! Try it out for free !

After the free first month, the standard charge of $4.99 per month will apply. You can cancel at any time. This offer will expire in a month.

Update May 2015: We are no longer selling the Pro plans: We offer them for free to everyone, as announced here.

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Robert Aitchison said..
This site has been so useful to me. I use it nearly every day and its definitely worth the small subscription fee for the pro version.
Royal Bingham said..
I love you guys site. However, I have paid for the Pro service and when I try to exceed 30MB when merging pdf files I get a size quota reached window that pops up, preventing me from adding more pdf files. Please help.
G Hall said..
Hello Royal. Sorry about that. We are looking into the issue right now and hope to push out a fix as soon as possible, we will keep you posted!
G Hall said..
We were able to reproduce the problem. We just pushed an update that takes care of the problem. Best, FoxyUtils Support.
I thought this was supposed to be free ? You are asking me for money immediately . $4.99 a month is a bit too much for such a service in my view . Even though the first month might be free.
G Hall said..
Dear Derek. Sorry for the confusion. The basic service is free. The Pro plan costs $4.99 per month. The Pro plan is targeted at companies and users concerned about document security and all uploads are over a secure SSL connection in the Pro Plan. In addition, it bumps the upload size limitations up to 200 mb. Hope that helps. -Gus
AL Tautimez said..
The free merge was not working so I did like Derek, I clicked on the plan that says free and allows 50mb of uploads. Once I validated my email address I was sent to a page that shows the pro plan and asks $4.99 per month. I don't use this utility that often which is why the free one works for me. Any ideas? AL. T.
G Hall said..
Dear Al. Sorry for the confusion. I think you might be confused by the optional Pro plan. After activating an account, users are redirected for convenience to the Pro plan page where they can optionally join. You can easily go away from this page, and there is no requirement about joining. The free plan for subscribed users has more quota than for anonymous (non-logged in) users. Hope this helps clear things up. Best, Gus
Norm Nicastro said..
Tried to merge using the Free account. Always get message that merge failed. "Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: Failed file: 'Manual cover.pdf' - ."
Alfred Hall said..
Does this still happen? If so let me know and we'll be in touch via email. Sorry for the late reply.

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