New webapps launched: Unlock PDF and Protect PDF

We have now launched our new webapps, UnlockPDF and ProtectPDF. As announced in our blog entry in September, we have been working hard to get the new services ready for launch.

The new services enable users to lock (add password protection) and unlock (remove password protection) from PDF files, and are a great addition to our already established suite of online PDF webapps.

Every day thousands of users merge and split PDF files, and we hope that many of our existing users will find the new additions useful.

As always, we encourage comments and bug reports, so feel free to leave us any feedback or bug reports in the comments or via e-mail.

Enjoy the new webapps!

Planned: Unlock PDF and Protect PDF

While we are working hard on improving our current services, Merge PDF and Split PDF, we are also planning to launch a couple of new services. We thank all our users who have given us valuable input in improving our services. We have submitted a lot of updates in the past few months. Please keep sending us bug reports when you encounter a failure, either through the comments or through email.

The new services will complement our other services, allowing users to remove passwords from PDF documents (UnlockPDF), as well as adding protection to their documents (ProtectPDF).

The PDF standard supports two kinds of passwords for each file. An owner password can be specified which allows adding protection such as limiting viewers' rights to print and/or edit the document and so forth. A user password is more restrictive as it requires a password to open the document.

UnlockPDF will be able to remove passwords from documents with owner passwords, even without specifying the password. However, for documents with user password, a password will be required to unlock pdf. It will also be possible to enter multiple passwords and our program will go through the list, trying each password until it finds the correct one. This will help if you do not remember exactly what password you used when the protection was added.

ProtectPDF, on the contrary, will allow users to add user and/or owner password to documents. The level of restrictions can also be specified, such as whether printing is allowed, and/or document edits, and so on.

If you have any suggestions for these planned services, please let us know and we will try to incorporate them, if possible!

Update: The services are now available and the links have been added in the above text.

New Webapps Launched

We have now launched new (and we believe improved) Merge PDF and Split PDF webapps, with increased file size limits, and support for more PDF files than before. In the past, there have been issues with certain PDF files, but most of those now work with the new sites.

FoxyUtils is the company behind the Merge and Split PDF web apps. With the new sites we make this connection more apparent, which will be a good basis for launching more services and creating an integrated suite of online webapps in the future.

For those who have been requesting SSL and more security for uploading their documents, we will be launching a paid ad-free service with running with SSL (https) shortly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

About FoxyUtils

We specialize in creating and maintaining web apps for PDF.

Our current products are services to convert, merge, split, compress, lock and unlock PDF documents, see home page for a full list.