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Our Merge PDF webapp has been widely reviewed by the online community since its release in 2008. Below is an overview of a few of those.

Review on
MergePDF Combines PDF Documents for Free
If you don't have access to Adobe Acrobat or other PDF manipulation tools, MergePDF is a quick and hassle-free online tool for combining your documents... Read the whole article.

Video Review on Chris Pirillo's blog
How to Merge PDF Files for Free
Yes, you likely have PDFs scattered across your hard drive. What do you do when you want to merge one PDF with another? Unless you buy expensive software, it’s impossible - unless you use MergePDF... Read the whole article.

Review on
MergePDF: Online PDF Joiner
MergePDF is an online PDF joiner app for merging PDF’s online. Anyone can use it to combine multiple PDF documents into one. The application is free of charge and without any installation or registration requirements... Read the whole article.

Review on - Merging PDFs Easily
A service that goes by a suitable name, Merge PDF will let you take different PDF documents and combine them in order to create a single one. This service is provided for free, and it is handled out online in its entirety – no need to procure or install anything, and no need to maintain any software... Read the whole article.

Review on
Online MergePDF to Combine Individual PDF Files into A Single File
...if you only intend to merge two documents into one, you may want to give this free online service a try. Named as MergePDF, it is a free online web service that allows users to merge multiple individual PDF documents into a single master document... Read the whole article.

Review on (in Spanish)
MergePDF - Juntar varios pdfs en un solo (Spanish)
MergePDF es una aplicación web que permite juntar varios documentos pdf en uno solo... Read the whole article.

Review on
MergePDF joins the ranks of online PDF merging
This last few months has seen a bevy of online PDF merging utilities... Read the whole article.

Press release on
A New Website Simplifies the Task of Combining PDF Documents with a Free Online Tool
For those who have ever had the issue of needing to combine multiple PDF documents into a single one in a hurry without actually paying for it or installing anything – a solution is now available... Read the whole article.

Tutorial on
How to Merge Pdf Documents Online Using MergePdf.Net
This article covers how to merge multiple PDF documents into a single one using an online website. The advantage of using a website to do this is that the user does not need to register, install or purchase any software... Read the whole tutorial.

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jeff said..
Guys, this utility saved me!! Totally rate it, worked really well with a dozen PDF converted into one. Well done!!!
Anil said..
It is really saved my time lot. Thanks for posting it.
Carlos Dias said..
Greetings from Portugal, Your work is wonderful to m e and it helps me a lot on my day-to-day work. Forever grateful to all. Carlos Dias
Peter Simpson said..
I get the merge pdf Failure message "startxref not found" trying to merge pdf files created by my scanner. Is there a solution? Thanks
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Peters. We will need a copy of the documents in question to be able to fix this bug. We would really appreciate if you can share the documents with us. Clearly understand if not possible due to privacy issues. I will send you an email to follow up. Regards, Gus

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