February 2016 updates

We are pleased to announce we have uplifted and improved our services. Our users are very important to us even though FoxyUtils is a free service. The communication platform for our users is the User Feedback tool (the smiley face on the right hand side). We actively maintain our suite and do regular uplifts based on the user feedback and our own ideas for how to give the best experience.

This uplift covers:

  1. Translations
  2. Improvements to the Compress PDF service.
  3. Comments on the blog are using Disqus now improve user experience.


Translations have been added for all the services as. Languages covered include Spanish, French, German, Chinese and many more. More languages may be added upon request. Please contact us using the feedback tool if you wish to see your language added and we will investigate whether it is feasible.

If you notice any errors in the translations, please contact us! Even better, if you want to help us out, improving the translations for your language, we can give you access to update translations. Contact us using the Feedback tool or via email at support (at) foxyutils.com.

Compress PDF

The service now supports the concept of compression rate. The default level is sensible whereas the aggressive level reduces quality of images significantly. We recommend the default level for most circumstances. Always check the output before you share the compressed PDF with your audience.

PDF Conversion Utils Added

Our goal has always been to be a one-stop shop for all our users' PDF needs. That is why we have been progressively adding more utils over time and striving to improve the existing ones.

We have now just completed a major addition of conversion utils to our suite of online PDF utils. The total number of services is now increased to 12, ranging from PDF document and page rearrangement to PDF conversion tools.

To be able to offer these new utils, we improved the whole backend and overall framework. This should generally lead to increased speeds and better efficiency for all our utils.

The user interface has also been improved with better support for batch processing (i.e. multiple file uploads). We will be posting more details on those updates later on and some tutorials on how to get the most out of our utils.

We now offer the following PDF conversion utils:

And the following utils for PDF manipulation:

If you have any suggestions or need to file a bug report, please submit your request through our new user feedback button (see the smiling logo on the right side of the page). Alternatively, you can post comments to this post below or email us.

Larger Files for Everyone !

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer increased file sizes for everyone! This update is due upgrades to our server capacity and now we can easily handle larger files for multiple users simultaneously.

Therefore, we are expanding the file size limits for all users. Thus, we are eliminating our paid Pro accounts. Our current Pro users will be refunded their last payment and will maintain the capability to process larger files, now free of charge.

In addition, everyone will have access to our secure https services by default. The use of https enables encrypted communications between your web browser and our services, which strongly improves the security for file transfers and enables worry-free operation.

We are also reinstating our old "Donate" button (see on the top right of the page) to allow anyone who wants to credit our work to do at their own leisure.

We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to reflect these changes.

About FoxyUtils

We specialize in creating and maintaining web apps for PDF.

Our current products are services to convert, merge, split, compress, lock and unlock PDF documents, see home page for a full list.