New Webapps Launched

We have now launched new (and we believe improved) Merge PDF and Split PDF webapps, with increased file size limits, and support for more PDF files than before. In the past, there have been issues with certain PDF files, but most of those now work with the new sites.

FoxyUtils is the company behind the Merge and Split PDF web apps. With the new sites we make this connection more apparent, which will be a good basis for launching more services and creating an integrated suite of online webapps in the future.

For those who have been requesting SSL and more security for uploading their documents, we will be launching a paid ad-free service with running with SSL (https) shortly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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Maria said..
I never had a problem merging documents before with your older utility. I have been trying to merge today and I continue to receive this message: Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: Failed file: '6.9.11 Rcpt of Change Status Form.pdf' - multiple definitions in dictionary. I am trying to merge 3 documents, Uploaded Files Size in MB 6.9.11 Rcpt of Change Status Form.pdf 0.15 6.10.11 Price Reduction MLS.pdf 0.07 6.9.2011 Price Reduction executed.pdf 0.17 and continue to receive the error above. My pop up blocker allows this site - so I can not understand what is going on. Would like your assistance if you can help. Thanks.
FoxyUtils Support said..
We are currently working with Maria to rectify this problem.
Anne said..
Hi there- I appreciate your site, and love the new layout! It makes merging so easy to use, and I personally like the graphics/ flash- keep up the great work! I will be making a donation to your site soon- thanks again!
Lee said..
I'm confused... I'm merging the documents like I usually do, but I'm not seeing where the "new" merge document is... please help!
FoxyUtils Support said..
Lee. I am sorry that you are confused, but I will try to help. After you click "Merge PDF", a small dialog will pop up called "Merge Dialog", which should say something like "Merge successful...". You need to click on the "Download" button to download your "new" merged document. Then you hit "Close" to get rid of the window. I hope that helps! Regards, Gus
Lee said..
Thanks, I definitely get the "Merge Dialog" box and then it says "Merge successful, press download to get the deliverable and then close to go back". Then I click "Download" and there is no new document :( I guess my question... is what is supposed to happen once you hit "Download"?
FoxyUtils Support said..
Anne: Thanks for the kind words :). Lee: We will get in touch with you through email and take this one offline.
keith said..
I can't get your site to load now. I was using it every day and now it just keeps trying to load and will say stopped at the bottom. I'm using Firefox, is this a factor?
Mike said..
I've tried your product for the first time today. Why would you allow Google's AdSense program to place their ad directly over the "browse" button? This prevents the use of your product.
FoxyUtils support said..
Keith and Mike: Will take this offline with you and be in touch shortly. Cheers, FoxyUtils support
Marc said..
Hey guys, I just wanted to try this tool but unfortunately the upload area is covered by a big advertising banner. I could not find a possibility to close the banner. Thanks in advance!
FoxyUtils Support said..
Marc, thank you, we have noted the problem and are working on a fix right now. Regards, Gus.
FoxyUtils Support said..
An update to Mike, Marc and everyone who has been having problems with the site's appearance. We have pushed out an update which we believe solves the problem. Please let us know whether it works for you too. Thanks for your patience. Regards, Gus.
Marc said..
The banner is gone! It works again! Thaks for your help.
Dave said..
I use this all the time. Now it does not merge. I added three pages total 6MB or so. Hit the merge button. Merge progress window pops up and sits there for hours. Nothing happens. What happened? This used to work like a charm.
FoxyUtils Suppot said..
@Dave: Sorry about this, it's an edge case that we will be looking into. One workaround for now is to tick the 'retain files' box, close close and Merge again. That way it will redo the merge without you having to upload the files again. After the merge has gone through you can then untick the retain failed box and click close. Then all the files will be deleted as usual. We just went live with this new website couple of days ago and as always with brand new things, there can be problems. Therefore we're working hard to resolve them and improve the service. Regards, FoxyUtils support.
Rob said..
First things first, I've been using this service for awhile now, and it's wonderful. Thank you for providing it. Since the redesign, however, I've been experiencing this error message: "Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: Failed file: 'Document.pdf' - invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'startxref 772229'." Any advice?
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hey Rob. Thank you for your report. In order to fix the problem we will need a copy of the PDF files responsible for the fault. We will contact you via e-mail shortly to discuss this further. Regards, Gus.
Matthew said..
I have always used your website with great ease, never before experiencing any sort of problem. It is difficult to know when a document has been merged bu I now go to My Downloads to find it. Additionally (and more disheartening) is that I am attempting to merge five documents for my dissertation review committee. Two of the documents contain form fields and once the merge is completed, all the data are erased. Any ideas why the data is lost?
Kathlyn said..
I never had a problem merging the same files using the old tool. Now, I'm getting "Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: Failed file: 'SwannGapCover.pdf' - file has not been decrypted." Please help..Thanks
FoxyUtils Support said..
Matthew and Kathlyn. Thanks for your comments, we will look into your cases and contact you via e-mail to work with you on fixing those issues. Thanks, Gus
Paul said..
Merge pdf no longer works with SeaMonkey. It goes to white screen, locks up SM, and I have to use Task Manager to exit. I had to use IE8 to get it to work. If your website is sniffing for FireFox, please change that to Gecko so that ALL Gecko based browsers can use your website and not just a certain FF. Thanks, Paul
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Paul. We are aware of a bug with Firefox 3.6 where the website literally "disappears" after loading it. However, with newer versions of Firefox this is not a problem. We are working on a fix to enable it to work on all versions of Firefox, which will be out shortly. Hopefully this will fix the problem with SeaMonkey as well. We will let you know once our fix is out. Regards, Gus
Nate said..
Hey guys, I'm having trouble splitting a PDF file now with the new site never had this problem before. please help thanks in advance. Message reads: Split Dialog: Split failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: file has not been decrypted
Matthew said..
VERY nice looking website guys.
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hey Nate. Sorry to hear about your problem, we will be in contact with you via e-mail about this. In general, splitting encrypted documents is not easy although it depends on the nature of the PDF encryption. Thanks Matthew for the compliments. Regards, Gus
Gary said..
I have tried everything I know to do but, have been unable to merge any PDF docs. Error message Merge Failed
alex said..
Excellent site. It works wonders! I love the user-friendly interface, its simplicity and overall quality result. Exceptional work!
Lesley-Anne Hornbogen said..
Came across your site today which is great timing as I have a load of applications that I need to put into one PDF. It worked fine the first time I used it - hurray! - however subsequent attempts it says the documents have merged, I press download but then can't find the document anywhere? Would really appreciate your help as I have 25 sets of applications to do - just for starters!
FoxyUtils Support said..
Thanks for all the compliments, it is very inspiring! Gary and Lesley, I have contacted you via e-mail in order to follow up on those errors you are getting. Regards, Gus
FoxyUtils Support said..
Few updates: We believe firefox 3.x and Seamonkey to be working now. Also we have added few translations of the site and will be adding more languages soon. Cheers,FoxyUtils support.
Sri said..
I never had this problem earlier, but now any two files I try to merge I get the following error "Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: Failed file: 'Cover.pdf' - file has not been decrypted." Please help resolve this issue thanks
FoxyUtils Support said..
@Sri: Quite a few people have now reported the same issue and we'll be looking into it. Thanks for reporting it. Cheers, FoxyUtils support.
Chris said..
I have exactly the same problem reported by Lee on June 15. I select the files, hit MERGE, and within a second I get MERGE SUCCESSFUL, hit DOWNLOAD, I then see a message "waiting for foxyutils" for about 1 second before it disappears, hit close, and I get back to the scree as it was just before I hit MERGE. No indication of where to save the merged file. I then did a file on all disks, but no trace of my newly merged file.
Paul said..
Merge PDF is working great with SeaMonkey 1119 now! Thank you for your work in fixing it and for hosting Merge PDF. You are providing a good service for a lot of people. Paul
Daniel said..
No longer have a browse button in IE6. (I know it's old, but I cant update)
Chris said..
I have tried Merge PDF a few minutes ago using Firefox 4.0.1 with no difference as decibed in my postingof yesterday. I the trid it from IE8, with the same result which Daniel descrbed. If it works properly in Seamonkey (Paul's comment) why not also in FF? Are we doing something wrong?
Martin said..
Are my uploads truly kept or deleted? I have some confidential documents that I don't want to get spread. Are there any "hidden" watermarks? Also, is the quality the same (bit by bit equal to making them the same from scratch)? or is there a "scan" where quality is actually lost?
FoxyUtils Support said..
@Daniel, the browse button is missing in IE when Flash is not installed. Note that IE requires a separate installation of Flash than other browsers. Please let us know if this is not the issue. @Chris, it indeed should work in Firefox 4 and IE8 as well. We'll be in touch with you through e-mail to diagnose this issue properly. @Martin, they are truly deleted as it says on the webpage. They are removed after you finish merging, or after one hour of idleness. We take document security very seriously, and we are planning to launch a paid ad-free SSL service where all file transfers will be encrypted to maximize security. There are no "hidden" watermarks, and there is no scan, so the quality should be the same as of the original. Regards, Gus
Chris said..
Thanks Gus, Your e-mail to me prompted me to upgrade Flash to the latest version 10,3,181,34 from my previous installed version 10,3,181,26 installed. All seems to be fine now.
Martin said..
Could you please consider setting the size limit to 200MB? My report has alot of vector images each 0.5MB. Possibly a 24hr cooldown for files larger then 50MB if you want to filter abuse.
FoxyUtils Support said..
Sorry Martin, unfortunately there is a limit to how much traffic we can handle. In the future we might open up an extended limits for subscribed users. At the moment, if you have many files you might be able to merge them together in smaller batches, e.g. if you want to merge 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, 4.pdf, merge 1.pdf and 2.pdf, then 3.pdf and 4.pdf, then merge the resulting ones together. Regards, Gus
Franklin Johnson said..
Trying to split a pdf that is formatted as Landscape and when I do it comes out in Portrait afterwards, any help?
Jay Kilpack said..
Hello I just found this website and it appears to be very user friendly. However when I try to merge 2 pdf documents I get this error message. (907-538-401a.pdf, 907-528-401.pdf) Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: Failed file: '907-538-401a.pdf' - Unexpected escaped string. Can you advise> Thank You!
Peggy LeBlanc said..
Thank you for your excellent tool! After discovering it today, I created PDF files for a variety of document types. I then used your tool to merge them all together. After some false starts, this allowed one single file to be sent to the recipients. The quality of the file is excellent and the reciepients recieved an unexpected, in depth report in one single file. This is the way I prefer to do business. I am spreading the word. Subscription? Send me the details. FYI -onlline tool worked better for me than the unexpected PDF file limits on a short deadline. Thanks again and congratulations to your team on your product.
Jay Brosnan said..
I have a requirement to split several multi-page pdf files so I can insert the pages into a Word document. I run the Split PDF program and see a downloaded pdf with the number of pages I split it into in my Download file on my computer but when I try to insert the split file into the Word document at best all I get is the first page. Multiple pages will not be inserted into the word document. Am I trying to do something that Split PDF was not intended to do? Thank you.
Ana said..
I loves this tool, and used it all the time, but since you changed the layout, it just stoped working for me... I "merge" the documents, but when I go open the file I download is blank. This happens either in IE as in Firefox =(
FoxyUtils Support said..
Sorry for lack of responses lately, but we have been taking some time off. We have some good news though. The problem some people have been having with decryption is almost solved and we'll be pushing a release soon where files which have a basic protection (e.g. a user password) that can in some pdf viewers inhibit printing and some other usage, can be merged and split as well. @Franklin, I have no simple answer for you and will contact you in e-mail and will most likely need a copy of the PDF files you are working with. @Jay, Sounds like one of the PDF files may be corrupt, but we'll need to get a copy of the PDF file to be able to verify. Expect an email from us soon. @Peggy, Thanks for kind words. We do not have any subscription soon, but we are planning to launch an ad-free subscription service with HTTPS. We'll make sure to notify you when it's up and running. @Jay, If you split the file page by page into Single page pdf files, I'd imagine you can copy it into Word. I think it depends on the PDF viewer you are using though. I think you might want to do this in a different way. I'll give you details in e-mail. @Ana, Very sorry to hear that as we like to believe we have improved the quality of the service. I'll send you an email as well, as we would like to work to improve our service. Regards, Gus.
Kyle said..
Thank you very much for providing this service, Foxyutils! I find it extremely useful and wish to pass on my regards. Keep up the good work! Many thanks, Kyle.
FoxyUtils Support said..
To everyone who has been having difficulties with error messages such as "file has not been decrypted". We have fixed this issue. That is, PDF files that can be opened without requiring a password (e.g. that have a user password) can be merged now. Thanks for your patience while we have been dealing with this issue. Please contact us if you have any further difficulties. Regards, Gus
Keith Allen` said..
Thank you for a most valuable service. I am having a problem today, though. I merged two documents with a combined size of about 60 MB. Now, when I try to merge another one (well under 50 MB), I get a message saying my file size quota has been exceeded and I need to remove some files. I have no idea how to remove files and whether my previous merged files have somehow been retained on the site (I did not specify retention of them); if so,how do I access these files to remove them? Is there some kind of daily quota on aggregate file sizes in addition to the 50 MB limit for each file? Thank you. Keith
FoxyUtils Support said..
Keith, if there are no big files listed under "Uploaded Files", then you should not have this problem. We do not keep copies of any files, and anything that is left over for some reason is deleted automatically within an hour of inactivity. We will look into this issue and contact you to get some further input so we can resolve this problem. Regards, Gus
Keith Allen said..
Thank you. It seems to be okay now and I did succeed in the merge when I tried again. Regards, Keith
Paul Leow said..
Thanks work like a breeze. Both merge and split. Uploading was surprisingly speedy. Will be willing to pay for a PDF to XLSX/DOCX convertion service ...
Cameron said..
I was trying to merge some files today, and I kept getting a message saying, "Failure, message: File quota exceeded, please delete some files and try again" despite the fact that I was not even close to the merge limit of 50MB.
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Cameron. We were able to reproduce the bug, and it is related to how we calculate accumulated total size which, and there was an error which happens after doing multiple rounds of merging. We believe we have been able to pinpoint the issue exactly and we will be working on fixing it and doing more tests and we will push out a fix soon. In the meantime, it should start working again for you if you clear your browser data and restart the browser. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience. Regards Gus.
Simon said..
How do I select the files to be merged?
FoxyUtils support said..
@Simon Does the 'Browse' button not appear for you in Step 1? Cheers, FoxyUtils support
Mary said..
Hi there. First of all thank you so much for providing this service! It enables me to merge multiple PDF documents with ease and efficiency. However, I am a bit concerned about the privacy and security of my documents. I understand that your site says documents will be deleted but I wanted to make sure that it was in fact DELETED and not just taken off site and stored somewhere. I would definitely use this more if I were certain that my documents were secure to the extent that other users / public could not view it and it was in fact completed deleted. Could you please verify this for me. Much appreciated!! Thanks=)
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Mary. Thanks for your compliments, we always love to hear that our product is useful. We fully understand your concern for your data security. I am afraid you will have to take our word for it at this time, but all files ARE DELETED after you finish. Even if you forget to close your browser the files will be deleted within 1 hour of inactivity from our server. In the future we may look at getting some sort of verification that files are indeed deleted, but it is quite hard to prove that beyond doubt. Access to our server is very limited so only a couple of people are able to access the main server. I hope that helps. Regards, Gus
Gustav Hansson said..
I do not seem to be able to choose more than one file. This is a problem, since I need to choose at least two to make it work. I pressed "browse", selected one file and pressed "open". Then what? Thank you!
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Gustav. That is very true. To select all the files you need, click the "Browse" button. Select the first PDF you want and Open. Then press "Browse" again to select the next file. As you add more files, they all add up to the list below. In the list you can reorder them as you wish them to appear in the final merged PDF. When you are ready to merge then you just click "Merge PDF" and a dialog will popup. When ready a "Download" button will appear which you can click to download the merged result. I hope that helps. In the near future we may create a screencast to teach how to use the tool. Regards, Gus
wizzed said..
I love your merging service! It works great! Thanks! I didn't know we could select multiple files at once for upload until I finished merging them =/ Nevertheless, great site!
G.Ellis said..
Just used your merging service. Awesome!No problems, no fuss. 100% user friendly. Many thanks... ;)
kim said..
i love the utilities your website offers! today i ran into this error message when i was trying to merge some pdf's: Merge failed, press close to go back. Failure message was: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' strangely enough the same sequence worked yesterday. thanks, kim
FoxyUtils Support said..
@Wizzed and G. Ellis: Thanks a lot for the feedback! We love to get compliments, and any feedback in general is great! @Kim: Thanks for your compliments. We will need to contact you via e-mail to sort out the problem you had with merging. Hopefully we can figure out the problem and improve our service! Regards, Gus
Mario said..
Hello, Just attempted to merge some pdf files, and getting the same error some of the other users posted on this blog ... "Merge Failed." I never saw what the resolution for this problem; is there a fix? I'm attempting to merge various pdf files into one file. Files (3 ea.) totaled 0.69MB ... Thanks, Mario
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hi Mario. Thanks for your comment. The "Merge Failed" error can occur due to different reasons. We have been able to fix some of the problems, but not all. We will e-mail you to troubleshoot this further. Thanks, Gus
victor said..
Great service guys, thanks a lot. I used it to merge the multiple pfds I had for every part of my college tesis, keep up the good work!

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