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We have made some changes to the site. Along with these new updates, we have posted our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We hope that this will be useful and make everything more transparent for all our users. Both are listed on the menu at the bottom of each page. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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Pamela Lucero said..
Not a U.S. company??? I was subscribing and was routed to PayPal. I looked up the PayPal Member information on FoxyUtils and is said "NON U.S. Member". I tried to call the phone number of 608-358-1776 and it's a disconnected number, so I canceled my purchase for Pro Plan. I will not give a company outside of the U.S. access to my money (even if through PayPal) and I won't deal with a company that I cannot communicate with by phone.
G Hall said..
Dear Pamela. You are right, we are indeed not a US company. FoxyUtils is a registered company in Iceland. As you can see, regarding contacting us, from the end of our privacy policy (repeated below): Contacting us If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at: FoxyUtils ehf Bardastadir 71 112 Reykjavik Iceland or via e-mail at: [email protected] We do not take phone calls, and our support is only via email. The number you got from Paypal is a personal phone number, from one of our associates who is US based. If you can provide further information about what led you to believe that our company was US based, that would be great. It is not our intention to mislead any of our users, who overall originate from a multiple countries. I hope that answers your question. Regards, Gus

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