Introducing Pro Plans

In early October we be launching Pro Plan accounts. Pro plan users enjoy various benefits, such as secure uploads (via HTTPS), an ad-free site with no 3rd party advertisements appearing anywhere. Furthermore, Pro plan users can work with PDF files up to 200Mb in size at a time. The price for this additional service will be a monthly fee of 4.99 USD.

Our goal is to enable small and medium companies to use our service to a larger extent as now all uploads and downloads go through a secure channel, increasing the overall security of the apps.

In addition, we will be encouraging all users to sign up for accounts. Registered free users will be able to use larger file sizes than anonymous users.

At the same time, we will be publishing our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that will appear at the bottom of all our pages.

We emphasize that these changes will only minimally affect our free users. The basic service will still remain free. A login bar will appear on top of our pages, but the apps can still be used anonymously without logging in. We are reducing the file size down to 30 MB for basic services (anonymous), but that can be extended up to 50 MB for free by registering an account. This can then be extended up to 200 MB for the Pro plan which comes with other benefits as well.

The table below compares the Pro plan with the free registered and anonymous plans respectively.

Plan comparison

We hope that our users will benefit from the new services and we encourage you to leave us feedback in the comment section.

Update May 2015: We are now offering the benefits of the previous Pro Plan for free (and more) and no longer accounts as was announced here.

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Wilson Benitez said..
Nice, been waiting for secure support. Good work guys and you can count me in as a customer
Marc said..
Hi, i have a question regarding the PDF Protect service. I protected a PDF with password, it worked ok, Acrobat says it's protected and stuff but when i ran the Unprotect service on the the service unprotected the file, regardless of the fact that i did not specify the password (left blank). It basically restored the file to its original state. If the Unprotect service doesn't fully protect the file so it can not be unprotected, will the file be unprotected by other unlocking software as well? What i try to figure out is how to protect a PDF file to be only visible onscreen, not printed and the text not copied in clipboard or converted to another format (eg. word doc or docx, rtf, xps, etc.) Does your Protect service do that? Many thanks for your time
FoxyUtils Support said..
Hello Marc. You might want to try the "Require opening password" option, where the user is required to enter the password to open the file. The opening password is a much stronger security measure than the modification security password. The modification security can easily be unlocked such as you have done with our UnlockPDF app. The opening password is harder to crack as the whole file gets encrypted until the password is provided. You should make sure to choose a strong password as well that is hard to guess. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Best, Gus
Yolande Huntingdon said..
Hi, I have just bought Foxyutils and can't work out how to open PDFs with it. There os no shortcut on my desktop and it does not display anywhere on my programs. When I right-click on a PDF it does not give me an option to open open a PDF with Foxyutils. Also, with the monthly fee, do I have to give my permission to continue my subscription or is it automatically deducted? I would have posted this in a private email buy you don't seem to have a "contact us" option. Yolande

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