Larger Files for Everyone !

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer increased file sizes for everyone! This update is due upgrades to our server capacity and now we can easily handle larger files for multiple users simultaneously.

Therefore, we are expanding the file size limits for all users. Thus, we are eliminating our paid Pro accounts. Our current Pro users will be refunded their last payment and will maintain the capability to process larger files, now free of charge.

In addition, everyone will have access to our secure https services by default. The use of https enables encrypted communications between your web browser and our services, which strongly improves the security for file transfers and enables worry-free operation.

We are also reinstating our old "Donate" button (see on the top right of the page) to allow anyone who wants to credit our work to do at their own leisure.

We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to reflect these changes.

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Mohamed Hiffni Mohamed Masael said..
Your service has been of immense help for me and those who are doing the similar type of work. Foxy Utils is the best ever software for merging/splitting PDF's. I've tried many, some of them paid ones. But none surpass your service. Excellent service. Thanks.

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