Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of your services?

Most of our services are intended to solve simple computer problems which we have faced, or rather, that we thought should have been simple to solve, but at the time didn’t have a simple and quick solution. We find ourselves using our own services ourselves all the time!

Why use your online services rather than downloading a program online?

Main reason for using us is getting things done quickly without having to find and install PDF software. We all know there is burden to have a lot of clutter on your PC and it gets harder if you work on multiple computers. Dedicated software may make sense if you are performing these tasks very regularly on big files. Even then we are supporting multiple file upload up to 200 megabytes for registered users which should be sufficient for many power users. Installing desktop application on your PC should be a well-informed descision.

Do you offer paid services or a subscription?

All our services are free. For users who need to upload pdf files larger than 50mb, they can sign up for a free account which allows files up to 200 mb. FoxyUtils will always be free, both for normal users and power users.

Will you consider adding new services

Absolutely, if we find it will help users and has the potential to become popular. Feel free to use the feedback tool (The smiley face in the middle on the far right of the page).

Will you consider adding new features to existing services

Absolutely, if it fits into the way existing services work. Best is to use the feedback tool to bring this to our attention.

Why are there trees everywhere on your website?

We have decided to give back to the environment. Please see this for more information.

Where can I download your program? / How do I install your software?

There is no download or installation involved! All our services are webapps, which means you only need a web browser (and some PDF files), and you are good to go.

How do you guys make money?

Our revenue is based on advertisements on the website and donations. Feel free to donate to us, we will be extremely grateful :).

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS encrypts and decrypts the page requests and page information between the client browser and the web server using a secure Socket Layer (SSL). Web URLs beginning with HTTPS indicate that the connection between client and browser is encrypted using SSL.
All our websites and services are exclusively served through HTTPS. Basically, it means that when you are using a HTTPS web, your data and communication is as secure as possible. However, when using simple HTTP all the data is sent without encryption and anyone with access to the server or a link between you and the server could capture your information. If you need to work online with files whose security you are concerned about, you should always make sure that you are using HTTPS.