About FoxyUtils

FoxyUtils emerged as a continuation of our work with Merge PDF (www.mergepdf.net) and a lot of praise that we received from our user base. Our goal with Merge PDF was to make a fairly tedious task simple and make it possible to do without any fuzz no matter where you are located or what software is available to you. The formation of FoxyUtils ehf is intended to extend our current services, and continue providing more tools to make the lives of our users just a little bit easier. If you have any ideas on where we should put our focus next in making the lives of our users easier, please contact us.

Our vision to simplify and make simple tools more accessible stems from the reason that shareware and desktop applications have multiple limitation, including:

  • Cost: many of these applications cost money, even though you just want to merge a few PDF files once!
  • Portability: most of the apps are limited to a single operating system and need to be installed on your computer
  • Access levels: you don't always have administrator rights, such as when studying at the library. Then a web app comes in handy.
  • Simplicity: a number of services are offering sophisticated PDF editors and manipulators. Sometimes just want something neat and simple. When you just need to merge PDF documents, there is nothing neater than a simple service that does just that.
  • Maintenance: when you have a GUI application you have to install the software on each machine you want to use it, then upgrade it when a new version is available. Online software requires no updates.
  • Piling up: Software that you need only occasionally tends to pile up on your computer, leading to regular reformatting and lots of work cleaning up.

We emphasize the security of our users. In today’s business environment, it is important to be able to transfer documents and user name information securely, since otherwise it can cause security hazards. All our users are connected securely over HTTPS and are provided with a trusted certificated issued by DigiCert Inc. This means that your user name and password, along with any files, are as secure as possible.

Although our services are free, we take data security very seriously. The uploaded files and the derived files are removed after they have been downloaded within a short time period. To ensure maximum security of the PDF files, all data transfers are through SSL (https).

If you are interested in any customization of our solutions or if you have any suggestions or questions please contact us at support [at] foxyutils [dot] com.