Remove Passwords from PDF Files

Unlocks the PDF file without asking for password unless needed. In some cases a password is required. A password can be entered in which case we will use it to attempt to unlock the file. If none of these approaches work, then we cannot handle it.


Unlock PDF Files: arrow


Select one (or more) PDF files to unlock, by pressing "Browse"


Press the "Unlock PDF" button to upload and unlock the selected document(s)!

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STEP 2 (Optional)

Specify the password to be used for unlocking the document(s)

In many cases a password is not needed and this can be left empty."

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  Anonymous   Free   Pro  
Registration No   Yes   Yes end
Max Upload Size (MB) 30   50   200 end
Secure uploads (https) No   No   Yes end
Multiple file upload Yes   Yes   Yes end
Ad-free site No   No   Yes end
Monthly price     $4.99 end
  end   Free Sign Up   Basic Sign Up  
*Note: The Pro plan gives Pro access to all of our apps at a single price.

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Information and notable limitations:

  • The maximum size of the uploaded file for unlocking is 30MB.
  • All files are removed after unlock is completed, or within an hour of inactivity.
  • Optionally a user can keep files in store for further work, by checking Retain files
    (in the Unlock PDF Dialog). The one hour limit still applies, where all uploaded files are
    removed within an hour of inactivity.")
  • Limited to files with PDF encryption as defined in the PDF standard. Files with encryption such as a DRM, are not handled by UnlockPDF.")