PDF at Work

The Benefits of PDF File Use in IT

May 12, 2019

IT Services require complex tasks often supported by constant reports that keep clients abreast of progress. In this industry, paper document management seems particularly backward… Read More

The Role of PDF Documents in Finance, Law, IT, & Government

May 12, 2019

Every industry is undergoing significant changes as the world goes digital. Companies are moving away from old-fashioned information management strategies and are turning to methods that maximize efficiency. One of those changes is the conversion of paper documents to digital files. Companies document most activities for the sake of organization and proper management. This is often a source of stress as the documentation itself requires good organization to be of any use. PDFs a unique digital format for viewing, distributing, and printing for highly simplified document management. In an effort to keep up with the ever-evolving professional landscape, companies have gone paperless or are in the process of making the switch. Many use PDF software or web applications to optimize workflow and keep data secure. If your company still relies on paper files for day-to-day operations, it may be high time to switch to digital formats. Read More